Progress, and Dust

Right outside our front gallery window, in the lot north of our building, are skid loaders, tractors, trucks, and other bulldozing, earth-moving equipment. Aksarben Village is transforming…again! What fun it’s been to watch the area grow up as our own business has evolved.

Here we are, in our 5th year of business, and we’ve seen several buildings erected in Aksarben Village: Gordmans, Pacific Life, DJ’s Dugout, Residence Inn Hotel, the Tetrad building, CUE apartments, and the Broadmoor Apartment Villas. Oh yeah…almost forgot about the Baxter Arena to the south. Wow…that is A LOT in that short time, and it’s been super exciting. Now HDR, and a parking garage will create momentum for that huge empty lot and it will be fascinating to see how that evolves.

In the meantime–yeah, there’s lots of dust, but it’s a small price to pay for progress!


UNO and Aksarben–Coming Full Circle

I’m a 2-time UNO graduate–first in the 1980’s, then the 1990’s. UNO was a commuter campus, so there was a different vibe attending classes. I marvel at how much the campus has changed!  My hubby is also a UNO grad, and he worked on campus when he was a student. Our kids attended MAV camp each summer from the time they were old enough to when they “aged out”. Needless to say, UNO has been part of our lives for many years.

Growing up in the neighborhood, Aksarben had an ice rink where the Aksarben Knights hockey team played. I, along with my siblings and friends, spent many Friday and Saturday nights ice skating in the coliseum.  I learned how to drive in the vast parking lots, and my kids learned how to ride bikes here.

Additionally, my husband and I both worked part-time at the Aksarben racetrack as Mutuel Clerks (before kids). It was fun and exciting; the track was a community unto itself, and we met lots of great people during our involvement.

Fast forward to now….UNO just played their first hockey game in the new Baxter arena, just across Center Street from Aksarben Village. For me, there is a comforting “full circle” feeling.

While I love the nostalgia of the Aksarben racetrack, I’m excited to be part of the continued growth of the Aksarben Village area. And I’ve never been more proud to call myself a UNO graduate. Go Mavs!

#wearblackgetloud #maverickmayhem

Back to School

By now, all schools are back in session. The start of a new semester, particularly the fall semester– is a time I remember with great fondness.

I love the excitement of meeting new and former classmates, finding out about the subject matter, meeting the instructor and settling in for what will seem like a long 3 months.

Even after graduating, I was able to live vicariously through my boys as they experienced grade school, high school, and now both settled into their college ‘career’.

Located just south of the UNO campus, Aksarben Village is bustling with activity–families and students exploring the businesses and restaurants available. One Tuesday night, there was a line of UNO students–600 deep as they were able to enjoy a free pizza buffet from Godfathers, followed by a movie at Aksarben Cinema. Those businesses really rolled out the welcome mat!

We often have students drop by to purchase artist paintings for their dorm rooms/apartments, and we are pleased to offer 1/2 price for them. It’s a great opportunity for us to welcome them to Aksarben Village.

Hurrah for the new school year!