Why Canvas and Cabernet? Here’s 5 good reasons!

As new paint and sip studios continue to open in and around the Omaha area, you have more choices than ever for your creative entertainment. Here are the 5 TOP reasons to come to Canvas and Cabernet in Aksarben Village for your art-as-entertainment outing:

1.  Location, location, location.  Located in Aksarben Village–the heart of Omaha, there’s always something going on. There are great bars and restaurants right down the block, Stinson Park events and concerts, Omaha Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings–starting up in May, and a great vibe.

2.  Our artists are the best! Jacqueline, Gabi, Amanda, Stacia, CaSandra, Kalle…all talented artists. Several are educators; all are creative, fun, and know how to teach. Sessions are fun and lively, AND your paintings turn out awesome.

3.  Our inspiring gallery. You won’t find a dropped ceiling, dark paint, and walls filled with clutter; we are proud of our clean, light, and airy gallery feel. Not only can you paint and sip–you can shop, and who doesn’t like to shop??? Jewelry, paintings, ceramics, wood, glass….at all price points. We are open 1/2 hour before, and during paint sessions.

5. Quality team building events. Sure, you can come with a team to paint and have a great, fun social outing. However, if you want a paint and sip event with a customized painting activity related to a learning objective–Village Canvas and Cabernet is the place! We’ve got experience with groups of all sizes, and can tailor an event to meet your goal(s) and objectives.

Our corporate values are: Community, Creativity, Originality and Quality. You see it the minute you check our website, or walk into the door of our gallery. THAT sets us apart!


Holiday Season is Upon Us

In two short weeks, we will celebrate Thanksgiving (my fav-o-rite holiday!) and kick of the holiday season. We love to decorate the gallery for the holidays. We have several trees, lots of lights and garland. It makes us happy, and we know our guests appreciate it as well.

Get in the spirit, and join us for a paint session….paint a new holiday memory!


Giving Back Creatively

Businesses have a responsibility to give back to the community. Often times, we see it as a fundraising event on a slow night, where a portion of the fee goes to a nonprofit or community group. This activity doubles as a marketing tool, because while it’s a good thing for the community group, it also attracts customers and ultimately benefits the business, too.

At Canvas and Cabernet, we like to take things a step further. We have an ongoing charitable contributions program: we participate in TAGG, we offer special staff pricing for nonprofit staff, and we provide monthly fundraising events.

Recently, we had an opportunity to do a creative activity and support Casting for Recovery. All of our artists except CaSandra, who was out of town, gave their time and painted 28 wooden fish for the participants of the Nebraska events. Needless to say, the evening was fun and meaningful…the artists were excited to be involved, and we enjoyed the opportunity to give back creatively!

Omaha World Herald-Good Deeds

We’ve been highlighted in the Good Deeds section of the Omaha World Herald many times for our fundraising efforts; however, this is the first time the artists who volunteered their time gets the recognition they deserve! Kudos to our gang!


Best of Omaha

This year, Omaha Magazine added a couple new categories to their Best of Omaha list, and Village Canvas and Cabernet falls under: Retail–Arts and Crafts Studio/Store.

It appears to be a broad category in which national stores like Michael’s, Blick, and Hobby Lobby fit.  We love those stores, and frequent them often as well. However, we trust that our constituents will vote local, and vote for Canvas and Cabernet. Why?

We were Omaha’s first paint and sip shop; we  consign work from local artists; we are from Omaha, and support our community with generous donations and events. We could go on and on, but you get the idea. We ARE Omaha, and we humbly ask for support from our guests, friends and family. Just VOTE: BestofOmahaCanvasandCab

Thank you for your support!

Wood Door Hanger Sessions

Practical, functional, and tons of fun to create! We are offering door hanger sessions every month at Door Hanger Sessions, and at our Open Studio sessions as well. Many shapes available, and we are adding new ones all the time–so keep tuned! Our circle shape is the most versatile….any season; any design!

The cost is $45, and includes instruction, wood shape (selected in advance), paints, ribbon, and a complimentary drink. Plan on 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Sessions are limited to 20 painters, and reservations must be made by 1 week in advance to ensure shapes are available.



Pushing the Envelope

I love trying out new activities; trying to figure out how to do plan and organize events, and “pushing the envelope”, as they say, especially when there is no real roadmap to follow.

That, my friends, is the beauty of owning your own business. Try things; if they work–awesome! If they don’t work–tweak, try again, or abort. Yes, it’s that easy.

Of course, lots of times we are harder on ourselves than others would be, but it all in all is what makes each business, business owner, event and activity unique!


Happy New Year

We are already half-way through the month of January, 2016. The holidays seems like AGES ago, and winter has taken hold. Personally, I love this time of year. I (for whatever reason) enjoy the crisp cold weather. It makes the gallery seem extra cozy, especially if it happens to be snowing outside.

I didn’t anticipate the “seasonality” of the paint and sip business to the extent it is, but fall/winter/spring is definitely the time we are busiest. During the summer months, there are just too many activities that compete–concerts, picnics, bike riding, vacations–and more. Who wouldn’t rather be outside–at least until it gets brutally hot?

Therefore, I work more during the cold months, and cherish the quiet of the gallery when I arrive every day; anticipating the good cheer of my guests who will arrive to paint, sip, laugh and enjoy some creative time with friends, family and co-workers.

Happy New Year!

Hot Cocoa and Cappuccino

So, it’s the little things that make me happy. After thinking about getting a hot cocoa machine the past two winters, we finally DID IT! Not only does this wonderful machine make hot cocoa, we also have French Vanilla Cappuccino and a third option…right now we are thinking Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino. BONUS!

I think these will be very popular options for our guests. To “spice” things up, we also have Bailey’s Irish Cream, Rum Chata and Peppermint Schnapps to add to the above, if you want.

There truly is nothing better on a cold, blustery, wintery day to sit in our warm, inspiring gallery with a drink to warm you up. It makes me happy to be able to offer another option to make our guest’s experience even better!

DSCF8303 (2)

Zip-idy-Do-Da: Drinks A Plenty

We recently started carrying Zipline beer, brewed in Lincoln, and it has been very well received. This is the only local beer we carry as of now, and it was suggested by a couple of 20-somethings who love it.

Arbella Distributing is my connection, and they are AWESOME to work with! Responsive, attentive and just plain nice folks…it has been a super easy transaction to make.

We have just 3 of their beers:  Copper Alt, the German style Kolsch, and we just finished up the Country White (seasonal) which we’ve replaced with a personal favorite of mine–the Nut Brown Ale (also seasonal).

It’s always fun when people are pleased that we offer something other than wine. Along with our beers: Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Stella Artois, Corona, Bud Light “rita” drinks, and non-alcoholic O’Douls, we have a couple sparkling wines, Bailey’s Irish Cream for coffee or on the rocks, and the ever favorite Rum Chata for shots, coffee or with root beer.

We’ve got an assortment of sodas, hot tea, coffee, and will be installing a hot chocolate machine just in time for the winter. Something to quench every one’s thirst!