Why Canvas and Cabernet? Here’s 5 good reasons!

As new paint and sip studios continue to open in and around the Omaha area, you have more choices than ever for your creative entertainment. Here are the 5 TOP reasons to come to Canvas and Cabernet in Aksarben Village for your art-as-entertainment outing:

1.  Location, location, location.  Located in Aksarben Village–the heart of Omaha, there’s always something going on. There are great bars and restaurants right down the block, Stinson Park events and concerts, Omaha Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings–starting up in May, and a great vibe.

2.  Our artists are the best! Jacqueline, Gabi, Amanda, Stacia, CaSandra, Kalle…all talented artists. Several are educators; all are creative, fun, and know how to teach. Sessions are fun and lively, AND your paintings turn out awesome.

3.  Our inspiring gallery. You won’t find a dropped ceiling, dark paint, and walls filled with clutter; we are proud of our clean, light, and airy gallery feel. Not only can you paint and sip–you can shop, and who doesn’t like to shop??? Jewelry, paintings, ceramics, wood, glass….at all price points. We are open 1/2 hour before, and during paint sessions.

5. Quality team building events. Sure, you can come with a team to paint and have a great, fun social outing. However, if you want a paint and sip event with a customized painting activity related to a learning objective–Village Canvas and Cabernet is the place! We’ve got experience with groups of all sizes, and can tailor an event to meet your goal(s) and objectives.

Our corporate values are: Community, Creativity, Originality and Quality. You see it the minute you check our website, or walk into the door of our gallery. THAT sets us apart!


Holiday Season is Upon Us

In two short weeks, we will celebrate Thanksgiving (my fav-o-rite holiday!) and kick of the holiday season. We love to decorate the gallery for the holidays. We have several trees, lots of lights and garland. It makes us happy, and we know our guests appreciate it as well.

Get in the spirit, and join us for a paint session….paint a new holiday memory!


Giving Back Creatively

Businesses have a responsibility to give back to the community. Often times, we see it as a fundraising event on a slow night, where a portion of the fee goes to a nonprofit or community group. This activity doubles as a marketing tool, because while it’s a good thing for the community group, it also attracts customers and ultimately benefits the business, too.

At Canvas and Cabernet, we like to take things a step further. We have an ongoing charitable contributions program: we participate in TAGG, we offer special staff pricing for nonprofit staff, and we provide monthly fundraising events.

Recently, we had an opportunity to do a creative activity and support Casting for Recovery. All of our artists except CaSandra, who was out of town, gave their time and painted 28 wooden fish for the participants of the Nebraska events. Needless to say, the evening was fun and meaningful…the artists were excited to be involved, and we enjoyed the opportunity to give back creatively!

We Feel It, Too

We feel it too…the hint of fall in the air. Tomorrow night kicks off high school football season. Almost every store has their Halloween displays up, and certainly the school supply displays are dwindling now that school is in session.

Who doesn’t love the cooler weather? I can’t wait to dig out those sweatshirts and sweaters. Okay–so maybe we are jumping a little early, BUT– it’s NOT too early to think about painting up a door hanger for fall. You pick the shape; you pick the design. We provide the shape, paints, brushes, instruction, ribbon and even a complimentary drink–all for only $45!

Round Give Thanks Door Hanger

Pumpkin Shape

Pumpkin Shape

Best of Omaha

This year, Omaha Magazine added a couple new categories to their Best of Omaha list, and Village Canvas and Cabernet falls under: Retail–Arts and Crafts Studio/Store.

It appears to be a broad category in which national stores like Michael’s, Blick, and Hobby Lobby fit.  We love those stores, and frequent them often as well. However, we trust that our constituents will vote local, and vote for Canvas and Cabernet. Why?

We were Omaha’s first paint and sip shop; we  consign work from local artists; we are from Omaha, and support our community with generous donations and events. We could go on and on, but you get the idea. We ARE Omaha, and we humbly ask for support from our guests, friends and family. Just VOTE: BestofOmahaCanvasandCab

Thank you for your support!

Our First Rodeo, er–Farmers Market

With the Omaha Farmer’s Market held on Sundays–May through October each year, the traffic in Aksarben Village is just great. While our gallery is located around the corner from the “action”, we get new eyes on our space and sign every week. It’s a great benefit of being located in such a cool place in the city.

This week we participated as a vendor in the Farmer’s Market–our first time, and it was so much fun! The weather was almost perfect (outside of wind gusts that practically launched our tent into the air), it was cool and pleasant, and the traffic was steady.

Lots of friends and painting guests stopped by to say hi; individuals who were unaware of our business came to learn more. We sold some paintings, and all-in-all it was a great day. We hope to be involved at least once a month….we also hope it won’t be quite as windy!

Better Than Expected

Don’t you love it when something you plan goes better than you expected? I never anticipated the popularity and creativity of our guests with our door hanger sessions…both continually amaze me. I don’t know if it’s Pinterest driven, but the ideas that our painters have come up with are so incredible.

One thing that we do very well at Village Canvas and Cabernet is guide to the individuality of our guests. A great example is our Paint Your Pet events, where a guest is painting a furry cat, and someone else is painting a sleek Labrador retriever, and someone else an iguana. With the talent of our guiding artists, they are able to take the class step by step and ensure that everyone is successful, regardless of their painting subject.

If you popped your head in one of our door hanger sessions, you would see 20 people, each painting one of 4 or 5 various shapes–each painting their own subject matter. It’s awesome, and going way better than I ever expected!

Outdoor Fun!

So, this past week we got to experience something that we’ve never attempted–an uncovered, outdoor paint session. The setting–the Regency Marriott Hotel, on the west side of the hotel in the grass west of the pool. It was a lovely fall evening, with a nip of chill in the air–PERFECT weather. Absolutely NO wind…which is almost unheard of!

We were the evening social activity of a two-day conference, invited to do an event that would serve as a reminder of the conference theme: Be the Voice. We painted small canvases; conference participants relaxed, nibbled, enjoyed a drink and connected with their new friends. It. Was. Awesome!

Creative Team Building

You can call any activity “team building”. When a group of people gathers together to do an activity that is outside their “normal” activity (think book club, bunco group, co-workers), you are sharing a new experience. Shared experiences contribute to building camaraderie amongst the group, and we refer to that as team building.

For groups interested in a learning outcome, the expectations of objectives and goals are heightened. While painting and sipping always makes for a fun time, there are now new, intentional components of the activity.

At Village Canvas and Cabernet, we have developed–through an evolution of components and activities–an outstanding team building program (TOOT!).

We start with the outcome in mind, then develop activities to achieve the goal(s). Interestingly, no two team building events are ever the same. We integrate mission, vision and values into the session, and facilitate discussion. We include a report out because that is part of the learning.

We LOVE team building…real, true team building. Lots of fun; lots of camaraderie; and lots of learning!

Our Artists are Great!

It’s no surprise (or secret) that we think the artists we work with at Village Canvas and Cabernet are the best! Omaha is so fortunate to be home to so many talented, creative people, and we are so lucky to have several such folks involved in some way in our business.

Artist Keri Hedrick was named the Omaha Summer Arts Festival ‘featured illustrator’ for 2015, and her work will grace posters, flyers and t-shirts at this year’s events. How cool is that!??! We started consigning Keri just before the holidays, and love her work!

Recently, Gabi Quiroz was identified as one of the artists involved with Spreading our Roots project in Turner Park. Gabi came to us as a UNO Intern, and after graduating last year, she began as a Guiding Artist, and in addition, we now consign some of her work.

Two of our artists–Amanda Floro and Andrea Schmitz are graduating from UNO this week with their BFA degrees–congratulations to them! We can’t wait to see what is ahead for them!

The artists named above, along with the others: Jacqueline, Kaitlyn, CaSandra, Stacia, Sarah, Caroline and Kalle–are not only talented artists; in addition they are great teachers. They are compassionate, kind, patient, good communicators and last but not least–they are fun! And in our business, finding the “right” artists to guide short, art-as-entertainment sessions is as important as anything we do. And, we’ve got the best!