Behind the Scenes

When you walk through the doors of Village Canvas and Cabernet, you may notice that we are housed within a cool architect building (DLR Group is located on the two floors above our space). You may notice the great lighting from large windows on the north and south side of our space; you will probably look at the consignment work–paintings and more, from local artists. You may enjoy the spacious ceilings and the great vibe. What you won’t see is how it gets cleaned and stays organized.

Well, today we are giving a huge shout out to those who work graciously, and almost invisibly: Janet, Addie, Andrea and more. They clean, they open case after case of canvases, they wash and fold our aprons. They roll paintbrushes into to neat bundles; they sketch our pet drawings for Paint Your Pet nights, and they fill our coolers with product. We are eternally grateful for the work they do every week and month behind the scenes.

The Holiday Season

Owning a small business that caters to groups during the holidays is really special. We are able to witness corporate teams, family groups, friends and relatives sharing time together; creating new memories. While it is a super busy time for us, especially between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, we try to embrace the moment and make sure our guests receive the attention they need and want, every single time they step in the door.

It also makes me recognize how very important it is to take time to “fill my cup” with the love and support my own family and friends have to offer. I hope you are enjoying your time during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!