Behind the Scenes

When you walk through the doors of Village Canvas and Cabernet, you may notice that we are housed within a cool architect building (DLR Group is located on the two floors above our space). You may notice the great lighting from large windows on the north and south side of our space; you will probably look at the consignment work–paintings and more, from local artists. You may enjoy the spacious ceilings and the great vibe. What you won’t see is how it gets cleaned and stays organized.

Well, today we are giving a huge shout out to those who work graciously, and almost invisibly: Janet, Addie, Andrea and more. They clean, they open case after case of canvases, they wash and fold our aprons. They roll paintbrushes into to neat bundles; they sketch our pet drawings for Paint Your Pet nights, and they fill our coolers with product. We are eternally grateful for the work they do every week and month behind the scenes.

Our First Rodeo, er–Farmers Market

With the Omaha Farmer’s Market held on Sundays–May through October each year, the traffic in Aksarben Village is just great. While our gallery is located around the corner from the “action”, we get new eyes on our space and sign every week. It’s a great benefit of being located in such a cool place in the city.

This week we participated as a vendor in the Farmer’s Market–our first time, and it was so much fun! The weather was almost perfect (outside of wind gusts that practically launched our tent into the air), it was cool and pleasant, and the traffic was steady.

Lots of friends and painting guests stopped by to say hi; individuals who were unaware of our business came to learn more. We sold some paintings, and all-in-all it was a great day. We hope to be involved at least once a month….we also hope it won’t be quite as windy!

Mother’s Day, 2016

As Mother’s Day weekend comes to a close, I pause to give thanks for the opportunity to own a business where I witness the great celebrations in life. Mother’s day is one such event where moms, sisters, cousins, aunts, kids, grandmas and friends gather. They laugh, they sing, they paint up new memories. Sharing time together is so important! It doesn’t matter WHAT we do together–it matters that we DO together.

My heart is full as I give thanks for my own mom who has done so much for me. My heart is full as I think about my kids–both out of state…I miss them so much…but I’m so lucky. It makes me happy to spend my working hours with so many grateful, happy people.  For now, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Supporting our Community

The 2015 numbers are tallied, and we are proud to announce that last year, we donated $9,829 in cash and in-kind contributions (gift certificates/paintings, etc.) to local nonprofit and service organizations. We believe that it is our duty as a business to support and give back where we can. Sure, we would love to do more, but as a small organization–nearly $10,000 IS significant.

In addition to these direct contributions, we provide special nonprofit staff pricing, free meeting space for up to 3 hours, and host fundraisers every month for nonprofit organizations. We don’t just talk about it; we demonstrate our values every day!

New in 2016, our charitable contributions program is now going exclusively through Together A Greater Good (TAGG). TAGG allows guests to support the organization of their choice with the click of a button. Allowing our guests to designate a contribution on their behalf is empowering, and we hope our guests and nonprofit organizations will embrace this opportunity. Be sure to TAGG your purchase in our gallery!


Paint Your Pet Little White Dog


Better Than Expected

Don’t you love it when something you plan goes better than you expected? I never anticipated the popularity and creativity of our guests with our door hanger sessions…both continually amaze me. I don’t know if it’s Pinterest driven, but the ideas that our painters have come up with are so incredible.

One thing that we do very well at Village Canvas and Cabernet is guide to the individuality of our guests. A great example is our Paint Your Pet events, where a guest is painting a furry cat, and someone else is painting a sleek Labrador retriever, and someone else an iguana. With the talent of our guiding artists, they are able to take the class step by step and ensure that everyone is successful, regardless of their painting subject.

If you popped your head in one of our door hanger sessions, you would see 20 people, each painting one of 4 or 5 various shapes–each painting their own subject matter. It’s awesome, and going way better than I ever expected!

Mom and Young Daughter, Family Day


Paint Your Date couple




2 Gals from UP Lead